How To Develop A Non-Judgmental Attitude To Live More Peacefully

Have you ever taken part in an auction? It can be quite exhilarating, especially if you really want the auction item. Imagine you are at an auction and have just have discovered the item up for grabs is a live sea turtle. Participants are bidding on the chance to destroy its beautiful, massive shell. Would you be excited to participate? I wasn’t. It was our first night on Turtle Island – a beautiful island in the South Pacific. My husband and I had joined 11 other vacationing couples for dinner on the beach. Right before dinner, we were told some… Read More

Five Ways to Become More Resilient

Times are not easy. How do we develop greater resilience to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events? In a recent interview with Authority Magazine, I shared “Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient.” Here they are: #1: Choose the Right Attitude Daily Have you ever noticed the happiest and most successful people in life tend to have great attitudes? Each of us must make the decision to choose the right attitude daily. It’s not our circumstances that make us unhappy. It’s our attitude in our circumstances that makes us unhappy. Even in the middle… Read More

9 Habits of Worry-Free Leaders

Today’s world is extremely chaotic. There are new challenges to face every day. The way we do business, how we socialize, and how we live continues to change rapidly. What I’m seeing as a Worry Management Expert is that because these changes are so rapid and profound, individuals at every level of business are stressed. Changes breed uncertainty and uncertainty creates fear. That fear is keeping people stuck. Whether you’re a leader of your company, organization, team, or family, you need to help model calm in the chaos. The following 9 Habits of Worry-Free Leaders act as strategies to remain… Read More

Make Your Day a Masterpiece by Taming Your Tongue

Have you ever stopped to listen to the way you talk to yourself? One day, I was dressed and ready to drive to the studio where I was the host of a TV morning show. Before driving to work I had to take the trash out to the curb for collection. At end of my driveway, I tripped and fell. I hit the pavement so hard that my hands and knees started to bleed. I went back into the house and began telling myself an entire story about how hard it was being a working mom and how tired I… Read More