CALM Online: A Four-Step Process to Transform Worry into Inner Peace


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Product Description

Is worry from everyday stresses weighing on your mind?
Do you ever toss and turn at night worrying?
Do you feel pangs of anxiety on Sunday as Monday morning rolls closer and closer?
Are you feeling stuck, stressed, or anxious?
Do you feel lost or confused? Are you unsure of which decision to make or direction to take?

Now the really big question:

Are you willing to keep feeling this way?

There is a solution . . . It’s called CALM Online. In this online course you’ll learn how to transform your worry into inner peace in only four weeks.

In CALM Online, you’ll learn:

  • The brand new 6-step process to renew your mind and restore hope
  • The steps for controlling your thoughts instead of allowing your thoughts to control you
  • A system to help you solve your biggest challenges and gain your greatest victories
  • The seven steps to regulate your emotions and end emotional suffering
  • The proven four-step process to transform worry into inner peace.
  • Ten actions to reduce the effects of worry
  • How to take action in the presence of fear
  • Strategies to stop worrying about those things which are beyond your control
  • How to make peace with your past
  • Six questions to move from feeling guilty to guilt-free
  • How to let go of any perfectionistic standards that are working against you
  • And, so much more!

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