Denise Marek, SSW 2024′

Award-Winning Speaker, Internationally Acclaimed Worry Management Expert, and Creator of the CALM™ Methodology for Worry-Free Living

Denise Marek is internationally known as the Worry Management Expert and the creator of the CALM™ methodology for worry-free living. As a lecturer, consultant, and writer, Denise empowers individuals, associations, and organizations around the globe to reconnect with their inner peace, overcome their fears, and take the risks essential for personal and professional success. She also teaches CALM Online, a four-week program to let go of worry, reduce stress, and create a happier life.

Denise is the author of several books, including CALM: A Proven Four-Step Process Designed Specifically for Women Who Worry (Hay House, 2006) and CALM for Moms: Worry Less in Four Simple Steps (Familius, 2022). Her books have been translated into seven languages. She also wrote about worry, stress, and resiliency for Body + Soul, Insight Magazine, Chatelaine, and Canadian Family.

Denise has been awarded the Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker Award for Professionalism and Outstanding Achievement in Public Speaking. She was the first woman in Ontario to receive this honour, and fewer than 100 individuals worldwide have received the Accredited Speaker designation.

In the Social Service Worker program at Durham College, Denise studied human behaviour and psychology, counselling, addictions and mental health, social justice, pharmacology and behaviour, and family counselling in the practice of social service work. Her academic journey also included a focus on ethical, professional and legal issues facing workers in the social service field.

During her diploma, Denise completed extensive training in front-line interviewing and counselling skills, social welfare policy, social justice, and crisis intervention. She is trained in trauma-informed practices, including the symptoms of trauma and the impact of trauma on addictions and other mental health issues.

With a passion for addictions and mental health, Denise works with clients to help them achieve their personal recovery and mental health goals. She provides caring, empathetic, and nonjudgmental support, recognizing that each individual’s journey to recovery is unique.

Denise’s training in crisis intervention, combined with her critical thinking, active listening skills, and unbiased support, helps her clients feel validated and heard. She uses communication skills to effectively advocate for her clients.

A dedicated social service professional, Denise believes in the inherent worth and dignity of every individual. Her mission is rooted in advocating for the fair and equitable treatment of all people, ensuring that each person has the opportunity to thrive in a just and inclusive society.

About Denise: The Personal Scoop

Hi, I’m Denise Marek!

From a very early age I enjoyed encouraging, inspiring, and lifting up others; it’s a significant part of who I am. Over the years, my desire to make a positive difference grew even deeper. That desire compelled me to learn how to make positive—and lasting—changes in my life and to develop simple systems and processes to make it possible for others to secure equally positive and lasting changes in their own lives.

I’ve shared my message with audiences around the globe—from Las Vegas to Aruba—and to audiences as varied as First Nations groups to CEOs of top corporations.

My commitment to each audience is to entertain (my philosophy is laughing helps with learning) and also to provide the tools with which participants can make the message actionable in their lives. It’s these tools for taking action that will allow you to create a life you love to live—both personally and professionally.

I want you to succeed! I want it for you and I want it for those you work with, live with, and love because your success ripples out and affects those around you. Your success can inspire others to believe they too can succeed and the positivity continues to spread from there; it’s the ripple effect in action! In essence, your breakthroughs and your successes can help to create positive and lasting global change—what you do can make a difference in the world. Pretty remarkable, huh?!

This is a real game-changer here! Help me to help you succeed by making sure you’re a subscriber to my e-newsletter and videos. The subscription is free and I can’t think of a simpler way to begin transforming your life. Don’t let the excuses that have been holding you back get in the way of your happiness any longer. Sign up so you’ll start receiving the tools to live your best life. You deserve it!


What types of audiences does Denise address?

Denise has shared her message with audiences around the globe—from Aruba to Las Vegas—and to audiences as varied as First Nations groups to CEOs of top corporations. While her book CALM: A Proven Four-Step Process Designed Specifically for Women Who Worry was written for women, the CALM process is an effective tool for both men and women. In fact, Denise has been delivering worry management keynotes and seminars to co-ed audiences in high-profile organizations for nearly two decades. She has presented live to groups as small as 3 participants and to groups as large as 6,000 participants.

How does worry affect our lives?

There is no doubt that worry affects our health and relationships, and our business and financial lives. If you were to look up the origin of the word “worry,” it comes from the Old English word “wyrgan,” meaning to strangle or choke. Worry can cause you to choke financially, socially, spiritually, professionally, and mentally. Worry also takes an incredible physical toll. Stress—and worry is one of the root causes of stress—has been known to contribute to hypertension, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, ulcers, back pain, and headaches.

How does worry affect organizations?

It’s easy to see that worry affects individuals; however, it can also affect entire organizations. Worry in an organization—whether relating to job security, performance, the economy, or whatever else—can cause a company to choke financially. In fact, many employers don’t realize worrying comes with a price tag. Stress and worry is estimated to cost North American industries a whopping $200-$300 billion annually! Worry in the workplace ultimately takes the form of absenteeism, direct medical costs, employee turnover, accidents, and diminished productivity. Clearly, worry can dramatically affect a company’s bottom line.

How do I book Denise?

To begin the discovery process, send an e-mail to operator@denisemarek.com or call 1-877-553-7397. If possible, please include:

  • Date of your event
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