The SNEAKY Way You Sabotage Your Goals: AND why this will be the year you finally succeed!

Ever wonder why, in the past, you didn’t stick to your goal to: lose weight, quit smoking, stop drinking, or whatever else it is you’ve been trying to achieve  . . .

Even though you really, really, REALLY wanted to?

It wasn’t because you didn’t know what to do.

I’ll bet you knew exactly what to do. You probably even had the plan to follow – or – at the very least, you knew how to figure out where to get it!

So what was it?

1) What stopped you?

AND, more importantly . . .

2) How can you make 2019 the year you finally succeed?

First, here’s what stops you:

Your current strategies for coping with worry and stress are in DIRECT CONFLICT with what you’re trying to achieve.

Stay with me here.

Many of the things people do to make themselves feel better, like:

  • Overeating
  • Overspending
  • Over sedating
  • Overmedicating

. . . end up sabotaging the very thing they most want to achieve.

It’s true. I know. I’ve lived it!

Check out these two unedited pictures of me:

These two pictures are a good “apples to apples” comparison. Both were taken on the same stage, in the same building, four years apart.

In the “before” picture, I felt awful about my weight. To feel better, I drank wine. The more wine I drank, the heavier I got. The heavier I got, the worse I felt. The worse I felt, the more I drank.

It was a vicious circle.

(That was until four years ago when I was finally able to stop using wine as a coping mechanism. That’s part of what lead to the 20 pound weight loss you see in the “after” picture.)

Can you relate? Are you stuck in a vicious circle?

If your current strategies for coping with worry and stress are sabotaging the very thing you most want to achieve . . why do you keep doing it?

Here’s the answer:

It’s because these unhealthy coping mechanisms provide relief!

Let’s use overeating as an example. During times of worry and stress, people often chow down on “comfort” foods such as chocolate, pasta, bread, and so on.

These high-carb foods are called “comfort foods” for a reason . . .

Carbs boost the powerful brain chemical serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that can help reduce depression and make you feel euphoric.

It makes a lot of sense why we might gravitate to eating processed carbs when we are worried and stressed!

But, get this:

Research shows that within only 20 minutes of eating processed carbs, any benefits dissipates.

A lot of things people do to try to make themselves feel better (like drinking alcohol, spending money, taking drugs, or eating “comfort foods”), not only add fuel to the fire of stress and worry . . .

They only provide temporary relief!

So how can you make 2019 different?

Why will this be the year you FINALLY stop sabotaging your goals and start succeeding?

It’s simple.

THIS YEAR, you’ll learn better ways of coping with worry and stress  . . .


Where can you learn these new, healthy, coping strategies?

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All my best, Denise.

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“Since implementing the CALM process, my relationship is blossoming. I have lost 20lbs to date.”

– Roberta Bettenson

It makes sense that weight loss has been reported as one of the outcomes. When you reduce stress and worry your cortisol levels drop. Cortisol is hormone that can cause your body to store fat.

Combine that with the fact your desire to turn to comfort food and other unhealthy coping mechanisms will diminish as you stop worrying and the weight loss makes a lot of sense.

Here’s what another past participant said:

“I was falling into a depression because I was worrying about things even though they weren’t likely to happen – but I couldn’t stop! Thank you again! You have no idea how much it’s helped me already.”

– Michelle Aresnault

Michelle discovered what you will also find . .  I teach the CALM process in a simple way so it’s easy to implement and you’ll get results quickly.

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