Finding Ways to Innovate

We cannot change what this pandemic has done, but we can change ourselves by learning to adapt and move forward. Adapting to change helps you to enjoy less stress and more success in your work and in your life.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

— Viktor Frankl

In my business as an international speaker, I have given keynotes and training sessions around the globe in Canada, United States, Mexico, Australia, Aruba, and United Kingdom. I love travelling. I love being together with others and speaking in packed conference rooms.

However, that way of reaching my audiences has been put on pause for the time being. That’s why I created a studio in my home which allows me to continue delivering keynotes and training sessions for individuals and corporations around the globe – now I do so virtually and online.

Here are the before and after pictures of my new home studio.



If you’re curious, like me, at the end of this post you can see a list of what I did to set the studio up, what it cost, and where I purchased/repurposed/borrowed what I needed.

One way to adapt well to change is to innovate. Look at your life and/or your business. What new approaches, ideas, or products, can you add to what is already established? You’ll be amazed at the opportunities and possibilities surrounding you.

All my best, Denise Marek

Now, here’s the lowdown on my home studio.

First, I decluttered the room. I reorganized the things I wanted to keep and stored them in another area of the basement. I donated some things I no longer needed and I sold some items online making $50.

Need help decluttering? Click here for my article on How to Get Rid of Clutter to Calm Your Mind.

Once the room was empty, I went to work:

Paint: $123.99 ($75 for 1 gallon + $30 for 1 quart + $18.99 for drop cloth.) Brooklin Paint. Regal Eggshell. Color: Chantilly Lace.

Area Rug: $249.99. Home Sense. To improve sound quality and warm up the space. This was the most expensive item. I was originally planning to spend less by purchasing a floor covering from a carpet remnant place. But, I saw this rug and fell in love with it.

Curtain Panels: $71.28 ($11.88 x 8 = $95.04.) Walmart. To improve sound quality and warm up the space. Ironing all the panels is time-consuming but necessary.

Curtain Rods: 
($19.47 + $24.97.) Walmart.

Music Stand: $53.99. Long & McQuade. Great for adjusting height of laptop for better camera angles.

Desk, chairs, orchid, wall hanging, pillow, and candle: $0. Repurposed from home office. If you’re on a budget, repurposing your existing items is a great way to go!

Books: $0. Repurposed from home office. $44.85 ($14.95 x 3) For additional branding. The books are copies of my first published book CALM: A Proven Four-Step Process Designed Specifically for Women Who Worry. 

Lighting: $0. (The lights were my 2019 Christmas gift.) $349.99. Henry’s Camera. Westcott Basics LED 2-Light Softbox Kit

Microphone: $0. (My son-in-law gave it to me because he wasn’t using it anymore.) Blue Microphones: SnowBall. $69.99. Best Buy.

My total cost of creating a home studio space:
$591.22 (See calculation below.)

$641.22 ($567.45 + $73.77 HST for items purchased)
– $50.00 (items sold during decluttering)

In the next post, you’ll be inspired by four powerful stories to help make adapting to change a little easier.