How to Overcome Rejection to Achieve Your Goals

Did you know not all worry is bad?

That’s right!

Some worry can actually be good for you. Sometimes it’s saying, “Hey, pay attention! There are some things you need to do to protect your health, your wealth, yourself, your family, your business.”

When you feel worry brewing, instead of sitting there stewing, get up and start doing!

When you’re feeling worried, ask yourself, “Is this worry prompting me to take action?” If it is, act.

Sounds simple enough, right?

The challenge is fear and worry often stop us from taking action.

Has fear ever stopped you from taking action? Have you ever worried about what other people think? Have you ever faced the fears of failure or rejection?

I sure have. Back when I was trying to get my first book published, I walked through years of rejection. It started with literary agents. I’d submit my proposal. Get rejected. Submit my proposal. Get rejected.

But, that’s okay because . . .

“I love rejection!” said no one. Ever!

The literary agents were rejecting my proposal but it really felt like they were rejecting me. It hurt!

Rejection is one of those “uncontrollables” in life. We can’t control other people. You can’t force someone to want what you are offering.

However, what you can control is your ability to keep moving forward in the face of rejection. You can act and move forward.

Watch this short video and you will:

  • Discover how to take action in the presence of fear
  • Learn how to overcome rejection and achieve your goals
  • Hear three powerful questions to help you get unstuck and move forward
  • Resurrect forgotten or stalled dreams
  • Make sure the thing that stops you, isn’t you

Action doesn’t guarantee instant success but rather the possibility of eventual success.

And, you never know . . .

You could be one small adjustment away from everything coming together!

All my best,

Denise Marek

P.S. This video is an excerpt from my keynote An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Reducing Stress and Worry. I presented it virtually last month to over 1,500 attendees of the RRI Master’s Academy. Are you looking for a speaker for your next Zoom meeting or virtual conference? Hit reply and ask for more information.