How to Create an Extraordinary Life . . . Even When You’re Not Feeling So Extraordinary

Do you know what tomorrow will look like for you? If you’re like most people, tomorrow will look a lot like today does – in the same way today looks a lot like yesterday did. For most, tomorrow will be filled with the same story, the same characters, and the same scenery as you travel the same route to work with the same thoughts running through your mind. You’ll likely even feel the same way tomorrow that you feel today. In fact, it’s quite likely not much will be different at all. It will be familiar, known, and ordinary as you live your life on autopilot.

The familiar, known, and ordinary seems comfortable and easy – but is it? Are you fulfilled? Do you wake up brimming with excitement about the possibilities of what could be for this day? Do you jump out of bed with enthusiasm about your life?

Or do you wake up – possibly even having achieved the goals you thought would make you happy – and feel as though something is missing? Do you ever think, I know I’m meant for more than this? Of course you were meant for more! You were meant to live an extraordinary life!

Just about a year ago, my life felt anything but extraordinary.

I was in a really dark place in terms of being severely depressed. Every morning in my shower I would cry and call out, “God, help me.” When I was in that depressed place I couldn’t focus on things that mattered to me anymore. I couldn’t go into my home office to work. I just could not go in there.

I felt so alone.

I felt hopeless.

I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank God I have my two daughters Lindsay and Brianna. If I didn’t have them, I understand how people end their lives when they get to that low, low point. That’s how bad it was for me.

One day during a phone conversation, I confided in my sister about how I was feeling. She said,

“Denise, don’t ever end your life. It doesn’t stop the pain; it just passes the pain on to the people who love you.”

I could not for the life of me imagine passing the pain I was in onto my kids. I thought if I have to suffer with this pain for the rest of my life so they don’t have to suffer, that’s what I’m going to do.

I have friends who, when they find out now what I was going through then, ask, “Why didn’t you call me and reach out for help?” Let me tell you, when you get to that dark place where you feel there is no hope, you can’t call somebody and reach out for help. You’re in too much pain.

What I could do and what I did do was call out to God every single day – and He heard my cries. He hears the cries of the broken-hearted. Sometimes God will talk to you through other people. That’s how He showed up for me. One day, my friend and pastor of the church I attend, called me on the phone and said, “Denise I need to speak with you in my office.”

I hadn’t reached out to him for help. He reached out to me. That was God’s hand for sure.

During that meeting he asked, “Denise, on a scale of 1-10, where do you think your life is right now?”

I just burst into tears and I said, “I think it’s at a one.”

He said, “Oh, I would have given you at least a four.”

That made me laugh for a moment and lightened the mood. That meeting was the first step in getting my life turned around and back on track. Our conversation sparked just enough hope that I was able to take a step and another step and then another out of the darkness and into the light.

Today, I can honestly say, I am fulfilled!

I have vision, clarity, and purpose.

I actually do wake up brimming with excitement about the possibilities for the day ahead. I wake up filled with gratitude about my life. I’m not exaggerating. My first waking thoughts are of thanks. I’m thankful for the work I’m blessed to do and I wake up happy just thinking about doing it. I often think, “Just look at all the incredible things I get to do today!”

I now joyfully go into my office and, on some days, I write for 12 hours! Pretty remarkable considering just a short time ago I couldn’t even step foot into my home office without feeling empty and alone.

Every morning, I lie in bed for a few minutes giving thanks for it all. Most days I’m even filled with gratitude for my bedsheets – for the wonderful way they feel against my skin. I’m no longer just alive – breathing, surviving, going through the motions.

I’m living a truly extraordinary life!

Looking back, I’m glad I endured that season of difficulty. It provided me with a deep understanding of what others are feeling during their own seasons of difficulty. I know what it feels like now for people who have lost hope. I’m also thankful because it strengthened me and equipped me with lessons on how to get out of the dark place I was in – and I did figure out how!

Now I have the experience and authority to pass these strategies along to help you!

That’s exactly what I’m doing . . . as my GIFT to you!

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You can move beyond surviving in an ordinary existence, and begin thriving in an extraordinary life.

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