Buckets Blakes on the Harlem Globetrotters, The ABC’s of Bullying, and Staying Humble

Anthony “Buckets” Blakes, of the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters, plays both the game of life and the game of basketball at an extraordinarily high level.

He’s been on the Harlem Globetrotters for 14 years, playing in 79 countries! He wowed our viewers with his incredible basketball skills during my interview with him on Daytime Durham. (Watch him do his tricks during the interview here.)

It’s not only on the court that Buckets brings smiles and laughter to his fans, he makes a significant difference off the court too. Buckets is passionate about helping children and one of the ways he does this is through his involvement with the ABC’s of Bullying Prevention Program (outlined below.)

A = Act. Take action. Buckets says, “Tell the nearest teacher or nearest adult that someone is bothering you. If the bully never gets caught, that person will continue to be a bully.”

B = Bravery. “If a bully approaches you,” says Buckets, “the best way to be brave is to walk away.”

C = Compassion. One of the ways to be compassionate is to make someone who has been bullied your friend for the day. “If you’ve been bullied,” says Buckets, “you can share your story with the person who is being bullied and help them get over it.”

I asked Buckets how he manages to stay humble. He said his parents taught him and his nine siblings to always be the best people they could possibly be each and every day. He wants kids to know this:

“It’s not just about the game of basketball for us and being popular; it’s about the game of life and treating everybody with respect.”

This is a wise message to remember regardless of where you are on your personal and professional journey. Use your passion both inside and outside of your business to make a difference in the lives of others, be the best person you can possibly be, and treat everybody with respect along the way.

Buckets Blakes showing me how to spin the ball.

Buckets Blakes showing me how to spin the ball.

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