Are You Trying to Get the Harvest Before You Plant the Seed?

Are you trying to get a harvest before you planted the seed? Imagine your life, your goal, your dream is a seed. In order for it to grow, you need to plant it. Planting that seed means putting it in the soil to grow.

That’s where most dreams die . . . in the soil. The reason is, it can be lonely and dark in the soil. It can bring up feelings of uncertainty, doubt, or disappointment. That’s when we become afraid and dig the seed back up.

Resist digging up in doubt what you planted in faith. Trust the seed has everything inside it needs to thrive and grow. Seeds have a protective covering to keep them safe before sprouting roots in the soil. Seeds also have the nutrients needed already inside them. In other words, your purpose already has protection and provision.

Trust the purpose is still working even when you can’t see the process. Today, if you’ve planted seeds and the inability to see the process of transformation and growth is causing you to doubt (or if you’re going through a “soil time” in life where there’s not a thing you can do to rush the process but be patient) trust the purpose is still working. Trust that during this time, you have protection and provision — everything you need is already within you.