how to stop worrying

Do You Believe in Miracles? You Are Never Alone

*Trigger Warning: Grief, Loss This may seem like an unusual Christmas message. Yet, this is a story of hope. It’s a story of help in the midst of a storm. It’s a story to ease loneliness during a time that can be lonely for so many. It was the first snowfall of the winter and the day after I returned from a holiday in Disney World with my husband and two young daughters. It is a day I will never forget! The Driver We had booked a Disney “land and sea” vacation package. Three days at a Disney… Read More

The Stress-Eating Cycle: Why you get sucked in and how to get out!

So you’ve committed (and recommitted) to sticking to your healthy eating plan. But . . . You feel stressed (bored, overwhelmed, tired), so . . . You eat a donut (a cupcake, a cookie) or two . . . or twelve. You feel relief . . . for a while. The relief wears off and regret sets in. The regret triggers more stress and . . . you reach for those darn comfort foods again! Why did it happen? I mean . . . . . . you knew what you had planned to eat that day. . . . Read More