Transcending Difficulties

On the night this picture was taken, I had no idea the massive challenges and obstacles that were about to come my way!

This is a picture of me with Louise Hay. Louise is the founder of Hay House and the author of You Can Heal Your Life. It was taken 10 years ago at the Hay House author dinner in Las Vegas.

Denise Marek and Louise Hay – Hay House Author Dinner, Las Vegas

Some of my fellow authors were at that dinner including: Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie, Marianne Williamson, Christian Northrup and many other heavy hitters in the self-help world. We were all speaking at the I Can Do It conference that weekend and this was a night of fellowship and celebration.

Leading up to that precise moment, I’d faced and transcended many difficulties throughout my life including: being bullied, falling through the ice of a lake, nearly having my right leg amputated, battling eating disorders, getting divorced, and more. In addition to overcoming these obstacles, I’d also achieved many of my big dreams—one of which was becoming a published author. And, at that moment, on that night, I thought, I’ve made it! I have finally arrived!

Yet, interestingly, I had not “arrived.” In fact, life was about to continue on—as it always had—this time with new difficulties and even more challenging obstacles.

Some of those obstacles were so intense I’ve only recently begun sharing them with others. I’ve discovered by sharing authentically, I’ve gained victory over my past. Today, I have more freedom, more power, and more strength than the “me of 10 years ago” could ever have imagined possible.

I’ve also discovered by shining a light on those dark places in my own life, it gives others the courage to do the same. As a result, they can gain more freedom, power and strength in their lives too!

Lastly, I’ve learned that new challenges are going to present themselves again—and that’s okay. The struggles, the roadblocks, the falling down, the getting up, and the victory are all part of the journey.

Wherever you are on your journey, value the strength and insight you’ve gained by overcoming your own personal struggles and challenges. Within each of those experiences lies the possibility of gift and grace. Open yourself to what they’re offering—a stronger, wiser, more powerful you!

Do you want to gain victory over your challenges and get unstuck? Join me at CALM: The Seminar on June 28, 7-9pm, at the Ajax Convention Centre; I’ll be sharing some of those very personal stories mentioned here to inspire you to take bold action, make positive change, and find lasting joy!